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Building future Life Sciences business leaders

Business Education Roadmap Top Sector LSH

From interest in entrepreneurship, to innovative ideas, serious business cases and global scaling up: the Life Sciences & Health sector offers educational and coaching programmes for every stage in your career.

The Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector is continuously developing new solutions to improve the quality of life of many people in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as addressing societal challenges and creating impact in the world. However being innovative requires high-quality, educated, and enthusiastic people. Just like the people who already work in the sector. However, the future needs to be built and the new generation needs to be fed. So where should you go if you are interested in LSH entrepreneurship and looking for education or coaching programmes? And what if you want to be a successful entrepreneur or join a start-up in the sector? How can you find the programme that best suits your needs?

Top Sector LSH facilitates a collaboration between various educational and coaching programmes in the sector to address these questions and provide a solution in the form of a roadmap.  With programmes like the BioBusiness Summerschool, Venture Challenge, BioBusiness Masterclass, MBI Life Sciences & Health, and Global Scale-Up Program, the roadmap illustrates the different stages of life sciences entrepreneurship. Phases from starting your own business and scaling up the company to pushing your global business strategy to a successful market launch.

See how the business education programmes helped Joris van Arensbergen (Netherlands Cancer Institute) and Giel Hendriks (Toxys) in their entrepreneurial pathway in the video. And take a look at the roadmap to see how it can help you select the education or coaching programme you are looking for.

Contribution of Top Sector LSH

  • Support of programmes
  • Facilitate collaboration between the educational and coaching programmes
  • Development of Business Education Roadmap