This Year in Review of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) highlights the developments of the Dutch LSH sector of 2016. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are the cornerstones of the LSH sector. Read more about how these features resulted in some great partnerships and promising innovations in our concentrated LSH cluster.

2016 review

What major events did 2016 bring us?

Support of Top Sector LSH

See how public-private partnerships can get support of Top Sector LSH

Top Sector LSH activities in 2016

An overview of the main accomplishments of Top Sector LSH

Successes from the sector

Several achievements of 2016

Highlight:Collaboration within RegMed XB

Unite power on regenerative medicine

The power of collaboration

Be inspired by some powerful partnerships in the sector

Highlight: Alignment in the Business Education Roadmap

Jointly building future Life Sciences business leaders.

Health~Holland goes international

Where did the Dutch travel to this year?

Highlight: Joining forces on Parkinson’s disease

2016 was the start of this great collaboration

2017 Preview

Get a preview about upcoming Top Sector LSH events in 2017: our fifth anniversary

Who is Who?

The people behind Top Sector LSH.