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2017 Preview

2017 promises to be quite a dynamic year, politically, businesswise as well as scientifically. As partners of the Top Sector we all stand to benefit from it and want to share these benefits with society.

Given the many elections for new parliaments, especially in the Netherlands in March, some changes can be expected both nationally and internationally. The new Dutch government will shape the future of the Top Sector policies. We expect it will be in line with our increasing success during the recent years.

At the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) we belief that our political leaders, parliament and the new government will adopt the proposition of the Knowledge Coalition, as described in the Dutch National Research Agenda.

If their proposition is adopted the sector will become even more vibrant still, as can be seen from all the national and international events. All things being considered, our cooperative groundwork in 2017 is going to be paramount for the success of the sector and our mission set in the previous years: vital functioning citizens in a healthy economy.