A glance of the sector

2015: a great year for Dutch Biotech

The Dutch biotech industry is an important part of the Life Sciences & Health sector and Tops Sector LSH is thrilled to see it flourish. In 2015 many deals involving Dutch biotech companies were closed. These are worth billions of euros. A few of these are:

Dutch biotech companies Merus and Kiadis took advantage of the open IPO window in 2015 and obtained a listing on Nasdaq and EuroNext Amsterdam respectively. The attractiveness of the Dutch biotech climate drew an increasing number of international biotech companies to list their company at Euronext Amsterdam.

The string of successes is driving further growth of the Dutch biotech cluster. This is generating employment, attracting considerable foreign investments, boosting development, and stimulating the market introduction of valuable biotech products.

Hans Schikan (former CEO Prosensa), member of the Top Team: "The recent flow of significant acquisitions and licensing agreements with Dutch life sciences companies is a clear validation of the enormous innovation strength in our Top Sector."

Benno van Dongen (Partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants), advisor to board: "A perfect example of cooperation is the investment of tens of millions of euros by local, regional and national governments in the Pivot Park in Oss about four years ago, which has supported the building of new businesses together worth about 10 billion euro at the end of 2015. That is how public-private partnership should work."  

International highlights for Dovideq Medical from Deventer

Amsterdam Economic Board 

Dinst is the number one website for reliable and affordable services in your home. Short films, independent information and assessments from selected service providers only. Easy to use and no membership needed. Accessible through the website, your smartphone or tablet. Where do you find that reliable handyman? Who can help you to live at home happily for a long time? The answer is Dinst!

Economic Board Utrecht

PAZIO offers an eHealth-platform through which care users can easily gain access to all of their online care and welfare services via a single digital entry point. Thanks to the integration of several services and portals, the care is easier to oversee and more accessible for both the care user and care provider.

Health Valley

With FaceTalk you can video call safely online with your patients and consult online with other care professionals. During the video call you can share medical and other information such as documents, photos and videos. You can also invite several people to join in a conversation. A maximum of 12 people can simultaneously participate in a FaceTalk conversation. Security is safeguarded during FaceTalk calls.

Medical Delta 

WOLK is an airbag that recognises a falling movement and inflates before impact. The airbag is worn on the hip and reduces the risk of hip fractures. 

OMFL (Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Flevoland)

Pregnant women with a medical risk and their unborn babies can be remotely monitored from the hospital at home via wireless Internet, with the help of highly advanced lightweight equipment: Sense4Baby. This prevents the need for a long-term hospital admission.


Quite happy to help somebody occasionally? Because doing something for somebody else makes you feel good! At wehelpen.nl you can find requests for help and people offering help. You can also care for somebody else together with acquaintances. WeHelpen is a free service for everybody. With this tool we want to make helping others normal again and motivate people to help.

Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands 

VitalinQ is the Personal Health Assistant that allows you to be the digital manager of your own health. By combining social media, Quantified Self and a personal health record, the responsibility for a healthy lifestyle is placed where it belongs: in the hands of the individual concerned.

 "A good Health Deal is attractive to everybody: patients, care providers and companies, but also to those paying healthcare insurance premiums," said Minister Schippers. "With this innovative approach, we are improving healthcare while keeping it affordable."

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