Life Sciences & Health

The Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector is one of nine ‘topsectors’ in the Netherlands, designated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

Our innovations and excellent science are well known all over the world. The entrepreneurial sector has high earning potential for the Netherlands.  With the Dutch approach, characterized by cooperation, partnerships and open innovation,

we strive to remain one of the world leaders in the LSH sector.

Some famous examples of the Dutch innovations in the LSH sector are the microscope, micro­biology, the invention of the electrocardiogram, the artificial kidney, the heart-lung machine and the artificial heart. But oncology, medical equipment, the development of vaccines, the building of hospitals and the structure of our healthcare system – affordable and effective – are also examples of Dutch accomplishments.

At the foundation of these successes lies a typically Dutch quality: the willingness to share knowledge within a tight-knit cooperation between industry, research and government. It makes us a frontrunner in public-private research and open innovation partnerships. We see healthcare as a chain: from science to patients. This is also the way we approach complex health issues: interdisciplinary. And this is evident in our solutions: complete, effective and coherent products and services geared to what people need.

Currently, LSH is facilitating the transition of the relativity large PPPs, such as TI‑Pharma (Top Institute Pharma), CTMM (Center for Translational Molecular Medicine), BMM (BioMedical Materials) and parts of NGI (Netherlands Genomic Initiative), into new public-private programmes, which is a real challenge given the substantially lower amounts of public funding available. Yet, an inventory in the regions taught us that there are still many other regional PPPs and that there are also many ‘hidden’ PPPs around, which could benefit from our efforts to generate funds (TKI-allowance) for follow up projects.​

Life Science & Health in the Netherlands

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