Collaboration and Innovation

ParkinsonNet; A community of specialized healthcare professionals and patients

ParkinsonNet is a nationwide community of specialized healthcare professionals in the Netherlands, initiated through a collaboration of the Radboudumc and the Dutch Society of Neurology. Currently there are 50.000 patients with some form of Parkinson’s disease in the Netherlands. Although this a large number, most healthcare professionals treat only a few Parkinson’s patients. Because this low caseload among healthcare professionals and in light of the great complexity of Parkinson’s disease, patients often do not get the specific care they need. An answer to this issue is ParkinsonNet. 

ParkinsonNet has developed regional, multidisciplinary communities of more than 2.700 healthcare professionals specialized in management of patients with Parkinson's disease. ParkinsonNet offers a platform where participating professionals receive a thorough baseline training, where knowledge can be shared, where healthcare professionals and patients are connected and where treatment guidelines are developed. This platform makes sure that patients are treated by specialized professionals and that healthcare professionals are learning from each other to expand their knowledge about the treatment of Parkinson’s patients. This will not only ensure an increase in quality and efficiency, but also a reduction in healthcare costs. Having achieved great success in the Netherlands, the ParkinsonNet model will now also be implemented in the United States, in a partnership with Kaiser Permanente, an American healthcare provider and non-profit insurance company. Bas Bloem, associate director of Parkinsonnet:

Marten Munneke, Bas Bloem
Founders of Parkinsonnet

“ParkinsonNet is now available for all individuals with Parkinson’s in the Netherlands. But we still have a big mission; to improve the wellbeing of all those impacted by Parkinson’s disease worldwide by sharing our knowledge and expertise.”